I made these pictures with a hand held Nikon Coolpix 990 camera. Today the best still camera for wilderness photography is Nikon Coolpix 5700 with the optional battery pack, which uses six AA batteries. The AA batteries can be charged in a wilderness with a solar charger. Sony DSC-F717 camera also makes good pictures, but its proprietary batteries are not compatible with the solar chargers. Minolta DiMAGE 7Hi is powered by four AA batteries, but the quality of its pictures and its close focus are inferior to both the Nikon Coolpix 5700 and the Sony DSC-F717. The classical, swivel body Coolpix cameras like the model 990 have small, fixed lenses which perfectly match oculars of telescopes and microscopes.

Andrew Nowicki

TN_afton lake chipmunk 350.JPG

This chipmunk enjoyed dashing between my legs, apparently to prove his superior running skills.
(large image 190 kB)

TN_cherokee creek 560.JPG

Every evening beavers toil in Cherokee Creek.
(large image 716 kB)

TN_cherokee creek pitcher 559.JPG

Pitcher plants are rather common in the bogs. Blue flag irises are very common. Orchids are rare.
(large image 674 kB)

TN_cross bay lake 463.JPG

Cross Bay Lake.
(large image 700 kB)

TN_fente lake near afton lake 351.JPG

Fente Lake seen from a portage to Afton Lake. The portage is covered with a thick layer or froglets in early June.
(large image 754 kB)

TN_howl lake boardwalk 426.JPG

You will get your feet wet when you travel in the Boundary Waters. As I walk on Howl Lake boardwalk I sink into the muddy water. Other boardwalks are not much better. Some portages are dangerous -- you have to jump on slippery boulders or wade waste deep in mud.
(large image 737 kB)

TN_long island lake otters 534.JPG

An otter family lives in the south part of Long Island Lake. My Coolpix 990 could not zoom on them well. I had very close encounters with a bold eagle and a moose, but they were gone before my slow camera was ready to take pictures.
(large image 52 kB)

TN_portage howl to hubbub 432.JPG

Boundary Waters Wilderness is so humid that trees are draped with mosses and images of astronomical objects are blurred.
(large image 686 kB)

TN_tuscarora lake ant 380.JPG

Sony DSC-F717 and several Nikon Coolpix cameras can take macro photos from a distance of two centimeters. I took this photo in bright sunlight holding the camera in my hand. Strong illumination is necessary when taking macro photos of moving objects. Not long ago Nikon made a nice, battery powered light that fits on the Coolpix lens. It is called SL-1.
(large image 110 kB)

TN_tuscarora lake dragon 416.JPG

Note the bumps on the leading edge of this dragonfly's wings. They may reduce aerodynamic drag.
(large image 356 kB)

TN_tuscarora lake dragon 420.JPG

Commercial macro photographers kill the animals to ensure they are still, then shoot the photos through a small hole to improve depth of field.
(large image 105 kB)

TN_tuscarora lake dragons 397.JPG

Another photo compromised by poor depth of field.
(large image 640 kB)

TN_whipped lake 353.JPG

Moose eating water lilies are a common sight on Whipped Lake. This year, however, I could see only two moose.
(large image 681 kB)

TN_brule wood 605.JPG

The mouth of Brule River (discharging into Lake Superior east of Boundary Waters) is a good place for beachcombers.
(large image 687 kB)